The End of the Road for the Cycle Forum

Not many people have been attending recent meetings of the Cycle Forum, and Council officials have failed to bring important new developments to it for comment. No one has been willing to take over as chair following Tony Green’s resignation at the last AGM. So it was no great surprise to find apologies flooding in for the meeting planned for last week.

Councillor Ian Davey finally took the initiative; he suggested cancelling the meeting and discontinuing the Forum, at least for the time being.

It’s a pity: the Forum has done some useful things and potentially has an important role to play. On the other hand, the lack of commitment on all sides meant that this outcome was pretty inevitable.

We agreed at the Clarion AGM that we should still elect a Forum rep. to have a watching brief in case there are any initiatives to get it started again. I won the election! Watch this space?


One Response to The End of the Road for the Cycle Forum

  1. […] news about the Cycle Forum (see Roger’s report). Let’s hope it can be revived – in a more effective form perhaps. And thanks to Roger […]

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