New Forest Weekend – Jim reports (again!)

The youth hostel can accommodate us, and I have provisionally booked both nights (15/4 and 16/4). BUT I need to confirm numbers at the END OF THIS WEEK (i.e., 11 February) and so I need to have pretty definite commitments from people by then. Some members have already got back to me about their preferences, but anyone else who wants to go but has not contacted me MUST get in touch now.

Details are as follows:

There is a 4-bedded room, which costs £80 per night so it will be £20 each. As we will definitely fill it, it can be treated as a private room and so we can mix genders if we want. If people want this option please say, as it will be first-come-first-served – or rather first-paid-first-served (and also please say if you mind it being mixed gender).

The other accommodation is in bigger dormitories, as some of you already know! They have 9 male beds and 7 female. I have provisionally booked all of these, but need to confirm asap. The price for dormitory accommodation is £18.40. (All these prices assume you are a YHA member. If you are not, you can either join at £15 or pay a £3 per night supplement. Or we can take out group membership for £25, which will be more economical if there are >4 non-members). Breakfast is £4.95. The money will need to be paid 8 weeks in advance, so I will need it by the end of next week (19th Feb).

Knowing the usual gender ratio we have on our rides, it is probable that the 4-bedded room will be all-female but it doesn’t have to be.

I also need to know, obviously, whether people want to go for the 1-night or 2-night option (or indeed the 3-night option – see my last message – although I did not check the YH availability for the Sunday night).

If people do not want to stay at the youth hostel, I will be investigating other options when I go for my first recce, which will be this week, probably Wednesday.





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