The next ride: 6 March – Surrey revisited

Please be clear that while all are welcome to join us we each take part in rides at our own risk.

Sunday 6 March 2011
Surrey Revisited:  Moles, Voles and Deer
Gatwick – Horley – Meath Green – Woodhatch – Leigh – Norwood Hill – Hookwood – Horley – Gatwick

About 20 miles, mostly on tarmacked roads; some bridleway; some concrete.

The first part of this ride is along National Cycle Route 21, about which there will be more (much more) later in the year. We will once more pass through the Riverside Garden Park, and maybe we will even see the bank vole I met on the first practice ride! After departing from Route 21, we will head out along Meath Green Lane, which wanders around skirting the floodplain of the River Mole; we won’t actually see the Mole itself until much later, however. The lane turns into Lonesome Lane, surely a worthy addition to our Interesting Road Names collection.

After passing through the suburbs of Reigate at Woodhatch, and finally crossing the Mole at Flanchford Bridge, we eventually reach Leigh (not the one in Kent), where there is a nice pub called the Plough where we can have lunch.

After Leigh we take the Newdigate road, but turn off and pass briefly through the delightful Hammonds Copse Nature Reserve (if it is dry enough underwheel). Part of this copse qualifies as Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland, having been wooded for over 400 years. Here we may see deer (I spotted two on that first practice ride).

All too soon we are out into the open again, but on a nice quiet road. On the way back we re-cross the Mole between Hookwood and Horley, and we can have a cup of tea in Horley if we want.

Travel details: Catch the 10.44 (London Bridge) train from Brighton to Gatwick Airport, or the 10.32 (Brighton) train from London Victoria, which stops at Clapham Junction at 10.38. We will set off at about 11.15, via the usual route across the airport concourse and down the lift.

If you are travelling by car, don’t try and park at Gatwick Airport but head for Horley station car park and park there; we will be along around 11.30. (If you plan to do this you must let the ride leaders know as we will not be going over the bridge this time, but will be passing the car park entrance.) Return trains are frequent.

Be at Brighton by 10.15 for Groupsave.

Jim (; 07742-963239)

Anne (

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