The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 78. More from Swiftsure’s Cycling Notes

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

“A most laughable affair”. More from Swiftsure’s Cycling Notes from 15 June 1895:

I have no doubt that almost any other cyclist could relate a peculiar incident which came to his notice last week. From my own experiences alone, I could relate some funny things, both pathetic and amusing. However, I will just tell of the most laughable affair I have ever met with.

I was standing with my machine by the curbstone the Saturday before Whit-Sunday, when I was accosted by a fellow-cyclist – so his dress proclaimed him – and he wanted me to tell him where he could find his bicycle, he had lost it. I noticed he was in a more or less hilarious condition, so I determined to learn more of his tale, and assist him if I could. I found out he had left Dublin the day before for a tour of this country, in company with a chum.

Arriving at Holyhead in the early hours of Saturday morning, they had ridden to Chester and then taken a train to Manchester. Reaching there in a muddled state – weren’t they out for a spree? – they sought out a “pub” to put up at – without either noting the name or the street, they strolled about the city, where by some means they became separated and the cyclist who accosted me hadn’t the remotest idea where he had left his machine or where his diggings were. I went to some trouble to try to put him right. I took him to the station, where he thought he had come in at, inquired at the “pubs” in the vicinity – but all to no purpose. At last I had to leave him, with the good advice to get sober and then he might recall something which would set him right. But for all I know he may be looking for his twenty-guinea machine yet.

Next time – News from Clarion CCs in the Midlands and Northumberland


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