The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 79. Clarion CCs get together for rides

During the summer of 1895 there was a clear trend for the Clarion cycling clubs, which had been founded at various times over the previous year or so, to try and arrange meeting up with each other on rides. All the following examples are from the usual source – Swiftsure’s “Cycling Notes”.

15 June

F G Browne, sec Birmingham Clarion CC writes:

On Saturday, June 22, the Clarion Cycling Clubs of the Midlands meet at Burton-on-Trent. The Burton I.L.P. have kindly promised their assistance in getting accommodation, and have secured a room at the Market Hotel, High Street for a smoking concert. Unattached Clarion cyclists who may wish to be present will know where to find us. We shall, of course, be very pleased to welcome all sympathisers.

22 June

The Newcastle Clarion CC have arranged to spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday, August 3, 4, and 5 at Richmond.

The South Shields and Darlington clubs will join them. Will the Yorkshire clubs consider the matter and decide early whether they will attend or not, so that arrangements may be made. There is a grass track there and if the Leeds, Bradford and Halifax clubs join, we might have a team race for a small club trophy, or some other kind of sports, say on Monday early.

Richmond is a pleasant and historic place, and the venture should receive immediate consideration at the clubs mentioned. Communications to be addressed to Fred Phillipson, 21, Ripley Place, Newcastle.

29 June

I am requested to inform the members of the “Clarion” CC Manchester and district that the run next Sunday is to Littleboro’, to meet Bradford C.C.C. Meet at the Infirmary at 2 pm prompt. Our Bradford comrades are making it an all-day run, and wish Manchester C.C.C. to arrive as early as possible. It is also hoped that Oldham, Rochdale, Hyde etc will make it their destination.

Next time – Swiftsure (and Manchester CCC) speak up for “rational dress” for women cyclists


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