Future Rides – until the end of 2011

Amazingly (well, I’m amazed anyway) our list is complete until the beginning of August. As usual, I’ve been holding myself in reserve – but haven’t really needed to. In fact I’ve put myself in to bat at the end of May just to show I haven’t disappeared entirely! I shall carry on with acting as reserve – except for the dates I already know I’m going to be away on – for the moment at least. It’s great to see so many people coming forward to offer rides – especially people who haven’t done one before. And Jim has done a formidably long sequence so far this year.

But now I’ve extended the dates to the end of the year there’s still plenty of room for other “new entrants” as well as for those who have led rides before. We can keep to the same schedule we began the year with and avoid the end of BST on 30 October.

It is not possible to check train availability more than 12 weeks in advance so later rides will be provisional for this reason.

15-17 April New Forest weekend (Jim)
1 May Hastings ride (Jim)
15 May Gatwick to East Croydon (Jim)
29 May Shermanbury (Ian)
12 June Littlehampton circular via Arundel (Roger)
26 June Herstmonceux and Wartling (Tessa)
10 July Palace Pier to Berwick (Ann and Mick)
24 July* Plumpton circular (Jenny)
7 August
21 August
4 September*
18 September*
4 October*
16 October
6 November
20 November
4 December
18 December

*Ian definitely not available


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