116th Easter Meet

The reports arrived in good time and I intended to get this newsletter out yesterday – the day following the ride – as usual, but the really bad cold that has invaded me during the last few days left me without enough energy to get it completed. Feeling a bit better now. Sorry for the delay.

116th Easter Meet

Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Stirling. So, I’m sure, did the other B&H representatives Bob and Colette. We got a round of applause when the Secretary mentioned that we had come the furthest of any of the participants – completely undeserved in our case at least since we took the opportunity of having a little Scottish break including a couple of days in Skye – highly recommended – and visiting friends en route.

Our friend Peter Roscoe, who has retired after several years as Treasurer, is a regular reader of these newsletters. During the conference he went out of his way to say that in his judgement our section exemplifies what the Clarion should be; I think if he lived a bit nearer than Bury we might be able to tempt him out on some of our rides. Anyway, the kind words were much appreciated.

There has been a huge increase in membership over the past year – from 553 last year to 810 this year; a 46% increase. The target of 1000 by the time of the 2011 Meet in Buxton looks very attainable. But the big increase is not without its problems. It’s creating more work for the national officers. Anything we can do to help, we should do.

The various motions and rule changes all went through. I did, as I had said I would, put forward the idea that when creating new competition awards we didn’t need always to think in terms of shields and cups, but the immediate problem was solved since it turned out that there was a “redundant trophy” that could be used for the new purpose the Bury section were proposing



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