The next ride: Sunday 29 May 2011 – Shermanbury – only 19 miles

Please be clear that while all are welcome to join us we each take part in rides at our own risk.

This is the one intended for last October when I had to make a last-minute change because of the non-availability of trains to and from Hassocks.

We leave Hassocks station and follow the road to Hurstpierpoint, where we turn south once over the A23 and follow the old London road down as far as Shaves Wood where we take the road up to High Cross. The last bit into Shermanbury involves a short stretch of busy main road, then we take the bridleway through Shermanbury, emerge onto a lane near Wineham and make our way to the Royal Oak for lunch.

Then it’s Bobs Lane – but in the opposite direction from the way we typically ride it, Twineham and down to High Cross, then Albourne and retrace our route back to the station.
As Roger wrote recently, it always seems to be sunny when we go to the Royal Oak (fingers crossed) and there are plenty of outside tables – so I’m not going to try “booking” this time.


Meet: Hassocks station at 10.53.
Getting there: Catch the 10.45 from Brighton station. That’s the train I’m working to – there is an earlier one at 10.15 which arrives at 10.23 – but the best plan in case of train problems might be to get the 11.00 (arrives 11.10) having sent a message with others or given me a ring – mobile number below – I will make sure to switch it on!
Distance: 19 miles.
Off road: Just the bridleway at Shermanbury – shouldn’t be a problem.
Hills: Not many and only little ones.
Catering: Lunch at the Royal Oak. But if anyone prefers to bring sandwiches etc it should be possible to picnic nearby. Possibility of tea at the Hassocks station pub (or a diversion to Washbrooks Farm).
Getting back: Trains at 03, 33 and 43 minutes past the hour.

My mobile: 0789 985 1172



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