News and Bank Holiday Picnic

Dear fellow members and friends 

I shall be away for the next few weeks and Jim will be putting out the next couple of newsletters. So if you have anything you’d like included please send it to him at

There have been some changes in the ride schedule (see below) and we still have no volunteer(s) to lead a ride on 2 October. I’ve indicated for a long time that I’m not available then and Jim will be away, and Roger can’t do it either so unless someone else can take it on there will be no ride at all.

Less urgently, more volunteers are needed for November/December rides.

This ‘bumper’ edition includes Jim on Bike Fixing and Allen on the Tolpuddle Festival.

Clarion Bank Holiday Picnic – message from Suzanne

Suzanne’s original had an arrow which pointed to the location of Brooklands Park. For some reason I haven’t been able to copy it. So, just to be clear, the place to head for is marked with a little shield just below Western Road and just above the first A259 sign from the left.

[Map here]

Date: Monday 29 August 2011 from 12 noon
Place: Brooklands Park, Worthing (meet by boating-lake kiosk)
Getting there: Option 1 Bike: meet Suzanne at the Palace Pier at 10.30 am for a leisurely ride
Option 2 Train: to East Worthing Station or Lancing Station and walk to park
Option 3 Car: plenty of car parking spaces at park
Meeting time: Noon
Bring: Food and drink to share
Something to sit on
Kids and friends

Attractions: Clarion fun and games (free)
Miniature railway
Rowing boats
Sea bathing 200 yards away (bit seaweedy but free)
Café and toilets
Children’s play area

Queries: Beforehand: Contact Suzanne 01273 321794
On the day: Roger’s mobile: 0789 985 1172


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