The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 92. Swiftsure reaches London and gets lost

From “Cycling Notes” Clarion 10 August 1895

Swiftsure’s first day on the road had ended at the CTC recommended Union Hotel in Hinckley – where he had witnessed some shocking general election drunkenness.

With a journey of over a hundred miles before me I left Hinckley at nine o’clock on Sunday morning, and some two hours later, when about ten miles from Northampton, I encountered rain, and till I reached London Bridge at eight o’clock at night, the rain continued its steady downpour.

Well might the cabby who passed me on London Bridge sing out “Ay, this ain’t a day for bicycles.” Nor was it, but Sunday is not a day to find convenient trains and it is certain that so long as one keeps going the wet will do little or no harm to one’s limbs. I have certainly been none the worse off for it.

Leaving London Bridge to find a relative at Lewisham, I lost my way and was an hour and a half getting to a place which was only five miles away. Arriving there at last I was quickly made comfortable and soon felt little the worse for the mud-plug.

Next time – Kent and its “slaves”


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