AGM 2012

Clarion Cycling Club Brighton and Hove Section AGM 2012

Monday 30 January 2012 at 8 pm at 39 Regency Square, Brighton


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of 2011 AGM

3. Any matters arising not covered by other agenda items.

4. Webmaster’s Report for 2011 (Fred)

5. Treasurer’s report – Financial statement for 2011 (Jim)

6. Secretary’s Annual Report 2011 (Ian)

7. Any other officers’ reports.

8. Amendment to Constitution. Motion from Secretary – Substitute “Campaigns Organiser” for “Cycle Forum representative “. [I hope we can discuss not only whether we want a Campaigns Organiser, but also what might be involved in such a the role. It might also make sense, if the meeting agrees, to have the election for this role at this point in the agenda rather than in the normal sequence.]

9. Election of Officers
– Chair
Vice Chair
Social Secretary
Racing Secretary
Campaigns Organiser

10. Annual Conference Business (see forwarded documents from Ian Clarke)
Nominations (see especially Ian C’s note re: national treasurer) and claims
Provisional Motions from national committee
Any motions or amendments from our section

11. Proposals for activities in 2012 – including social events

12. A.O.B

Ian Bullock, Secretary.

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