The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 103 A few snippets

It was going to be all about cycle parades this time – but for reasons I explained at the beginning of the newsletter I don’t feel up to putting it all together at the moment. But here’s a couple of “Wanted Ads” from 21 September 1895. The first has nothing to do with cycling (as far as we can tell) but I couldn’t resist it. You do hope it all turned out happily don’t you?

LADY Socialist would like to correspond with Gentleman Socialist, rich or poor, aged 30 to 45. Abstainer preferred. Character indispensable

CLARION CYCLISTS are Requested to Attend, wear badge, and compete for the Muster prize at Parade, at 3 30 pm. Stalybridge Lifeboat Saturday, September, 1895

But, just so that cycling parades are not completely neglected here’s another ad. – this time from 7 September

A cycle parade will be held next Saturday, the 14th, in aid of the Salford charities. The Clarion C.C.will perhaps take part in it, if only to show their numbers. Further notice of it, however, will be given in next week’s Clarion.

Next time – Cycle parades (at least one!)


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