The Last Ride: 4 March 2012 – A Worthing Wander

Four stalwarts – Roger, Suzanne, Terry and Sikka – braved the rain to cycle from Worthing station on an architectural tour of the local suburbs. Starting from complete ignorance I now know the approximate historical sequence: Georgian 1750s to 1820s; Regency 1820 to 1830; Victorian 1830s to 1890s; Edwardian 1890s to 1910? then pre-war and post-war, taking in Art Deco in the 1930s. I hope I’ve got that right!

We were led ‘round the houses’ through a maze of pre- and post-war estates, and chose to brave a bridleway between Goring and Ferring under the gracious canopies of an avenue of old holm oaks. One more offroad track alongside the Kingston Rife (rife = river?) to arrive at the Bluebird Café on Ferring beach for a welcome coffee and drip.

Thence, after wringing out soaked gloves, a short and direct ride following the shore along National Cycle Network Route 2 to the Denton restaurant at Worthing Pier, the last section taking us along the reinstated cycle track on the promenade. As the rain had continued unabated, I was personally thankful to get inside for an early and substantial meal, sitting by the windows looking out onto a sea full of white breakers.

With the rain heavier than ever after lunch, Terry and I were happy to take the train home, leaving Roger and Suzanne braving the wet, apparently determined to continue along the coast route to … Shoreham? Hove? Brighton? … who knows??

Thank you, Roger, for making the most of a somewhat damp Sunday!



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