The Next Ride: Sunday 18 March 2012 – Aldrington, Devil’s Dyke, Bramber, Shoreham

The ride begins at Aldrington Station at 9.54 am. If arriving there by train, catch the 9.48 from Brighton station. I will be at Brighton station for the 9.48 train myself.

We will cycle slowly uphill through residential roads in Hangleton and onto the cycle track on the dismantled railway line which joins the Devils Dyke road. Continuing towards the Dyke, we then have a long downhill run alongside the Dyke itself, past Saddlescombe, and turn left through Poynings and Fulking, a softly undulating road at the foot of the Downs, then on through Upper Beeding to Bramber for lunch at The Bridge Inn.

I suggest we stop for coffee either at the Dyke Road Inn or the delightful Hikers Rest café at Saddlescombe where they do homemade cakes with wheat-free options. This will be dependent on weather as the Hikers Rest is outdoors (within a walled courtyard with a covered area also open to the yard).

We head back along the Downs Link to Shoreham (or deserting the Link and detouring along Coombe Lane past St Botolphs if the ground is soggy). There’s the possibility of tea at the airport if desired, and the option of cycling back to Brighton or taking the train from Shoreham.

Distance: approx. 4/5 miles to coffee; 7 or 8 miles to lunch; 3 or 4 miles to tea; 2 miles to station. Total: About 18 miles. or if cycling back to Brighton 25ish.

Faster uphill option: I am expecting to take the long hill from Brighton up to the top of the Downs slowly, but if anyone wants to cycle by an alternative route, or faster, up to the Dyke, let me know. We can arrange to meet them, e.g. at the coffee stop which is most likely to be at Devil’s Dyke Inn (my phone: 07787 402 229).

Trains back from Shoreham 15.09, 16.09, 16.39, 16.52, 17.14 etc.

Hope to see you there.

Sikka (aka SueP)


One Response to The Next Ride: Sunday 18 March 2012 – Aldrington, Devil’s Dyke, Bramber, Shoreham

  1. Anne says:

    LOve The Hikers’ Rest. Hope we can go there. We’ll, probably, cycle to Aldrington instead of Btn station.

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