The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 111 “The First of the Mohawk-Cans” A London to Brighton ride – concluded.

Having made it to Brighton on their Mohawk tandem, and condemned the Pavilion as the “ugliest building in England” our intrepid duo have reached Tonbridge Wells (From Clarion, 21 September 1895)

At Tonbridge Wells we had some tea and a plate of beef each at the Carlton Hotel, and they charged us the exhorbitant price of 5s 6d. I protested,but they maintained their charge. So I said “Alas, poor Carlton! you will never see us more.”

When we started from Brighton we fully intended riding forward through Tonbridge and Bromley to London, but the Beacon had taken all the pushing out of us. Dangle said all down-hills belonged to his end of the tandem and all up-hills to mine Hnce he pedalled like a fury down hill, but when the tandem had the least drag he tickled me in the fourth rib and said “Your end,old boy.” So when he suggested train to New Cross anda ride across London to Tulse Hill I was not loth to fall in with his suggestion! How artless I am, and how artful all the members of the Board. This artful dodger took me to Tulse Hill — for what, think you ? Why, to teach his wife to ride a bicycle! Mrs Dangle had been presented by her husband with a lovely Clarion bicycle. It will soon be the envy of all the ladies in the district. After supper we turned out to give Mrs Dangle her first lesson. When I had the machine she rode and pedalled beautifully with nary a wobble; but directly Dangle took hold she wobbled all over the road. He may be a good man for filling the front p;age but you should hear Mrs Dangle’s opinion of him as a teacher of cycling!

Next time: A silly rumour and a sensible cycling journalist.


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