The Last Ride: Sunday 29 July, Rye to Hastings

At the former collapsed culvert
From Rye station, Angela, Annie, Elaine, Jim and Rob made our way to the Café on the Quay, which we shared with the Udimore chapter of the stone-carrying Hell’s Angels.* Cycled along by the Brede Valley, past Dumb Woman Lane (which entailed discussion on the origins of the name) – luckily the collapsed culvert had been repaired. Discussed whether chickens have wombs and birth canals. Saw old windmill and new windmills in distance.


Wind Farm

Had tasty nutritious lunch at King’s Head before re-mounting for the next leg of the journey through some wooded glades.

Tree-covered Lane 3

This is where it started to get hilly. We opted for tea at a vineyard instead of a wine-tasting session (why?), then cycled up (and down) some more hills, though it seemed there were more up than down. Finally saw the sea and cycled down to Hastings (give or take another hill or two).

The sea at last

Despite the hills, weather and scenery and company made for an enjoyable day.


* See Jim for details. [Jim adds: if you can’t find me, try googling Udimore]

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  1. What’s this enigmatic footnote? Link please!

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