The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

122. A Seasonal tip on riding in mud (which might have been useful on 20 October) and more support for “Rationals”

From Clarion  9 November 1895.  A tip from Swiftsure

When riding in wet or thick mud, it is advisable to pump your tyres as hard as possible. I have always found that a tyre is more apt to slip if it has the least tendency to give, drag or roll.

And from the same edition

I should recommend all lady cyclists to carefully read the sensible and well-written “Hints to lady riders” in last week’s Cyclers’ News,

The writer therein mentions the case of a lady, who having just learnt to ride, had the misfourtune to have a piece of loose braid in the hem of her dress, and when going down hill one day, , the loose braid caught in the pedals. Being a novice she lost her head and nerve, and was badly thrown, breaking her arm in addition to other contusions.

The moral of such a preventable accident as that will be patent to every cylcliste who hasn’t yet adopted “Rationals”.

Next time   Clarion cycling clubs  take off.


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