News and the North Laine cycle lanes

Dear fellow members and friends 

Bradley Wiggins and his ‘guru’ Shane Sutton both being knocked off their bikes an injured within hours of each other has helped to focus some more minds on ways to make cycling safer. And now – STOP PRESS – Mark Cavendish. Statistically, of course, it’s already safer than most things (and ‘most accidents happen in the home”) as they used to tell us a few decades back. But things could be a lot better. We must give Brighton and Hove council some good marks; at very least they are trying. If you’re on the Bricycles mailing list you will have already seen Becky’s update about one recent development. She wrote:

You will see that many streets in North Laine have now been marked as two way for cyclists. This is a great improvement, and something for which we have campaigned for many years, so check it out! The council have been distributing postcards to encourage awareness of the change Motorists and pedestrians might need some time to get used to it. The work was not completed all at once, so some inconsistency in street signage was noted. Good to be extra careful in case some people are not yet familiar with the changes.

But, as so many have pointed out’ so much depends on attitudes towards road safety generally and cycling in particular. Motor vehicles are, of course, intrinsically more dangerous than bikes. But that doesn’t mean that being run into by a lunatic on a bike is a pleasant experience – as I can testify after my dramatic encounter with one the week before last. I was lucky – I got off with just the odd bruise and only the one on my left hand – which has kept me off the bike because gripping the handlebars and especially the brake is a still a bit painful – has caused me any problem. But this happened on the seafront where lots of little kids run about (and cycling is illegal) If the lunatic had hit a small child like he hit me I dread to think what the result might have been

*   *   *

We can still do with some ride offers for the New Year. Sue /Sikka and Tessa have one in mind but can’t make 27 January. Any takers for that date?



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