The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 126. Manchester festivities – and more advice on winter riding from Swiftsure

From The Clarion, 23 November 1895

I am asked to call the attention of Manchester Clarion cyclists to the Pendlebury and Swinton Clarion C.C’s fancy-dress ball next Saturday November 30. The object is to clear a debt on the Labour Hall. The Pierrot costumes used at the parade will be worn, Tickets, 1s each, may be had from G. Bennett, 24, Corby Street, West Gorton, or from C.C Reekie, 352B, Mill Street, Bradford, Manchester.

And from 7 December 1895

Those who ride much in dirty weather should take care to protect well the bearings of the pedals and the bottom of the head…….I have adopted a means of protecting them which will probably be effective….I have simply filled the bearings and covered the balls with my preparation of anti-rust, which is specially made so that it cannot run to oil.

To be sure the pedals do not revolve freely but, but that is of little account, since I feel almost certain that no wet will penetrate now.

Next time: More Manchester festivities


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