Dear fellow members and friends

Pity about tomorrow’s ride [10 February] – but I’m sure Anne and Mick were right to postpone it till 10 March.

You’ll see below that I have now given dates for our rides for the rest of the year. I’ve followed Jim’s suggestion which leaves a 3-week break following the Norfolk weekend and avoids both the dates of the London-Brighton Bike Ride and the end of British Summer Time.

Offers of rides are as ever warmly welcomed – and indeed earnestly solicited!

* * * * *

It’s always nice to hear from our friend – and former national treasurer of the Clarion CC – Peter Roscoe. Below is a message I received recently. Please, if you don’t already have 3rd party cover, read it carefully. If you need more info contact Peter at I’ve attached the form he refers to. Of course you need to be a Clarion member to take advantage of this scheme; so if you’re not one already this is another excellent reason to join. Peter writes:

Third Party insurance
Many decades ago all Clarion riders were insured for 3rd party risks through the CIS. It has not proved possible to find an insurer to look after our needs other than the CTC.
I make the point it is very unlikely that anyone will be in need of third party cover but ‘if it can happen it will happen’. I know of only one case in one of our sections recently and that was for a few hundred pounds only. The CTC affiliated membership scheme provides for £10m cover for an annual fee of £16.00 with an anniversary date of 1st October. Anyone joining after 1 April pays £8.00. It is very unlikely that a Clarion Cyclist will be involved in an incident costing £mill but better to have insurance for a lifetime and not need it than need once in a lifetime and not have it.
Just think about it with the increase in the number of people new to cycling it could well be a rider to rider incident. I venture that it could happen to anyone. I have checked with the CTC and they have confirmed that the cover does provide for rider to rider insurance. I do not know if BC have changed but at on time their insurance did not cover for rider to rider insurance. Only recently has Cycling Time Trials addressed the problem – I do not know the outcome but previously there would have been no cover for the victim of a negligent rider when two competitors in time trial.
Last year 40 Clarion members took advantage of the facility. Many of these have taken out full membership of CTC or BCF so this year there is a reduction to 30. Taking out full membership of the National Cycling organisations mean you also get legal aid when you are a victim of negligence. However, Cycling Weekly has adverts from solicitors each week offering their services related to being the victim of negligence when out cycling.
I would be pleased if you bring the matter of 3rd party insurance to the attention of your members and attach a form to be used for an application for membership. If you are not section secretary would you please forward this email on to them with a copy to me so that I will know who to address in future on matters of 3rd party insurance.
In Clarion Fellowship

* * * * *

You may have read about (“Sage of Sussex”) Adam Trimingham’s opposition to the Hastings-Bexhill link road in the Argus. He’s not alone. Bricycles’s Becky Reynolds writes:

Do not fund the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road petition

Please sign the petition:

Please forward to friends and colleagues. This road is a disaster for the 
peaceful valley in East Sussex known as Combe Haven, near Bexhill. 30,000 
vehicles per day will be routed through this previously tranquil area and 
wildlife habitat.

* * * * *

Get Britain Cycling – latest
There’s an interesting piece by Laura Laker in the current edition of the “comic” about the most recent evidence given to the parliamentary enquiry. The London Cycling campaign and the Times among others are calling for the introduction of strict liability – which means that in the case of an accident the burden of proof would fall on driver of the larger vehicle. A solicitor from Burden Kemp which specialises in cyclist injury claims says “The real benefit of strict liability would be in shifting society away from its current motor-centric attitudes by making it clear that motorists are responsible for the safety of cyclists.” There is much support for stricter penalties for dangerous driving. The CTC cited, in support of this, the French experience where in 2001 that country had one of the worst safety records in Europe and then introduced a “zero tolerance” regime for speeding. By 2007 road deaths had dropped by 43% and a survey of drivers in 2004 suggested that 45% had changed their behaviour in the light of the stricter penalties. Several witnesses pointed out that police enforcement is the key. As AA president, Edmund King puts it “If you don’t have police out there catching bad drivers, it is very unlikely that we will stop these things happening.” [Cycling Weekly, 7 February 2013]


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