The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 129 A Second Easter Meet?

Within a few years the Clarion Easter Meet had become the established event it still is. But at the end of 1895 and the beginning of 1896 that still lay ahead. There had been the very successful meet at Ashbourne – but should that be a precedent for another? And if so, where should it be held?

As so often it was Tom Groom who took the initiative. In the 21 December 1895 edition of the Clarion Swiftsure introduced a letter from him in the “Cycling Notes” regular feature.

I commend the following from the O’Groomie O to the earnest attention of the Clarion Cycling Clubs. I am willing to find what space I can for the discussion of the subject mentioned, and hope to receive suggestions at an early date

Let us have some life thrown into our cycling clubs. There is plenty of scope!

Dear Swiftsure  – When Manchester has sufficiently recovered from the shameful guzzling, and when the other clubs have got over the highly-coloured and whitewashed account of the feed which the MacReekie is sure to send in; when I say, this is so, perhaps it will be as well for the clubs to discuss the next annual meeting.

The Scout doesn’t come out often enough to discuss the matter in it, so I think it would be a good thing if you will allow your column to be used for this purpose. There is none too much time, so let the clubs look at it.

Birmingham’s words of wisdom will be found in the October Scout. We suggest that 1) the meeting should be held at Easter 2) the meeting should be a delegate one with proportional representation, 3) the meeting-place should be as central as possible, 4) the agenda should be published in the previous Scout and no other business taken, Our reasons for these suggestions will be found in the October Scout.

Will other comrades please get to this matter,


Next time: Cycling in the Clarion in context and a New Year toast.


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