The Next Ride: Sunday 24 March – Berwick Circular

Ripe – Laughton – Shortgate – Uckfield – Waldron – Chiddingly

This is a “stop-gap” ride; as no-one else has offered a ride I have plucked this one from Surrey & West Sussex Cycle Tours by Nick Cotton (2010). It’s an adaptation of a longer ride which did not feature any railway stations (except Uckfield) and will be about 28 miles long. The book has a 5-level grading system, from “Easy” to “Strenuous”, and this one is in the middle, rated “Moderate”. However it may be slightly easier than that – the book says the hillier bits are in the northern part, which we are missing out (including the highest point, Hadlow Down). But please note that I have not done a recce – so we will be reliant on the book. There are no off-road sections.

The ride will cover some of the route of my Berwick – Blackboys – Glynde ride that we did in April 2011; but some of it will be new.

Lunch will be at the Station Inn at Uckfield at about 1pm. It’s a bit “plastic” but has real ale and a reasonable-priced menu with plenty of choice. On the way back to Berwick, we pass through Chiddlingly – so, a possible tea stop at the Six Bells.

Meet at Berwick Station at 10.45 (leave Brighton on the 10.20 train or earlier). Londoners will have to change at Brighton, Lewes or Polegate. Hopefully we will catch the 16.48 train back to Brighton (change at Lewes for London).

Anyone wanting a short ride (12 miles) and a long train journey can get the train home from Uckfield (via East Croydon – about a 2 hour journey).



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