The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s


131. A 2nd Easter Meet The discussion continues

This appeared in “Cycling Notes” of the Clarion, 4 January 1896.

Re suggestions for the meet of Clarion cycling clubs for which I offered to find space in this column (I’m afraid it’s a column and a half now), “Pedaller” chips in with the following on behalf of the Bradford Club.:-


We believe that the object of the meet should be to get as many men together as possible, for we are sure everyone who was at Ashbourne felt the benefit of having rubbed shoulders with such a jolly, earnest lot as were gathered there.  Why waste time discussing things that can be thrashed out at home?  Let all the suggested places and date of meet be brought before each club, and voted upon and the results compiled.  When totalled, the result would be  bound to give satisfaction. When the agenda for the meet is ready let that also be treated the same way.. We suggest Skipton as the place of the meeting because it is central for the largest number of clubs. Those clubs extreme North and South could train part and ride the rest. We think Easter is too early because few riders are in fit condition for a long ride.

Before commenting upon “Pedaller’s” suggestion,I should like to hear what some of the other clubs have got to say on the question.

This topic concerns Hanley, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Oldham, Rochdale and many other Clarion clubs equally with Bradford and Manchester, and I hope to hear soon from them.

But stay,! Perhaps this month’s Scout may contain some suggestions from these clubs.; so I will hie me to my newsagent and purchase one.

Next time  More join the discussion.

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