The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 131. More ideas for a 2nd Easter Meet

14 March 2013

At the beginning of 1896 nothing had been decided about the possibility of a second Easter Meet – not even whether there should be one – and if so, whether it should be at Easter or later. Tom Groom (aka the O Groomie O) wrote on behalf of Birmingham Clarion CC suggesting that the time had come to make a decision (see episode 129) His letter appeared in the Clarion on 21 December 1895. The following week Swiftsure reported:

Respecting the invitation  of the O’Groomie O for suggestions from Clarion Cycling Clubs re the Easter meet, the Manchester and District C.C.C. have resolved to support the proposal that the meet be at Easter, and that it is a delegate meeting only as far as business is concerned; but that it be a meet for pleasure and intercourse between any cyclists who choose to attend the rendezvous.

The place proposed by the Manchester Club is Bakewell, in Derbyshire, because it is the most central for the majority of our Clarion Cycling Clubs, being only 60 miles from Birmingham, 70 miles from Bradford, 68 miles from Halifax, 35 miles from Nottingham, 26 miles from Derby, 34 miles from Manchester and 65 miles from Liverpool.

The places of interest for which it is the centre are Haddon Hall, Chatsworth Hall, Buxton, Monsall Dale, Miller’s Dale, Matlock and the Derwent Valley.

Remembering what beautiful weather we had last year at our Easter meet at Ashbourne, I think the suggestion most excellent.

It need only be said that in order for cyclists to enjoy such a spot thoroughly, every rider would need an efficient brake on his machine.


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