Cycling at the Scarborough Easter Meet 2013 – Bob reports

Saturday had mountain-biking for Juniors (and not-so-juniors, too) with the Yorkshire Coast Clarion 10 mile Time Trial in the afternoon.

On a rolling course and a blustery day, there were 35 starters and 33 completed. One DNF (did not finish) was Martin Perfect of the London Clarion. We can only assume that his enormous effort, of riding from Tunbridge Wells over 4 days in bitterly cold winds for a solo effort to win the cup for the highest mileage ridden by a team to the Meet, meant a temporary drop in navigation skills and he went off course.

A young Yorkshire rider, Joel Wainman of Team Swift, won with a time of 22 minutes 40 seconds; a team mate was second and the best Clarion ride was the third place of Matt Ball, West Lothian Clarion, with 24.08. Best woman’s ride was from Andrea Vaughan, Yorkshire Coast Clarion, in 31.00. Two riders managed 29.59 to avoid the ‘over-half-an-hour’ tag! The final finisher took 35.59.

Sunday saw about 50 riders set off, after photographs on th cliff-top, for a 30 mile or 60 mile randonee. Bob stayed with the longer distance, rapidly recognising his shortcomings on the hills! Flamborough Head lighthouse cafe was the first control and scoff, before heading into the empty Wolds. The Star Inn at Weaverthorpe, second control, was a welcome haven from the biting wind. Whilst faster riders were back by 3.00pm, to view the Tour of Flanders in the Cask Inn, Scarborough, the temptations of The Star held a small but select group for more than an hour. They enjoyed watching the hail and ordering further food and drink.

It was a wrench leaving The Star, but with 15 miles still to ride to Scarborough and no mobile signal to plead with loved ones for assistance, it was out into the spitting late afternoon. One rider, reputed to be of Brighton & Hove Clarion, lagged badly behind; Greystone Small, the day’s organiser, ignored the B&H rider’s demands that he press for home and instead patiently shepherded him back to the hotel.

A real Johnny Helms day! (the cartoonist in ‘The Comic’ for more than 50 years; despite the minor inconvenience of death he still has a regular spot on the final page of Cycling Weekly).



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