Dear fellow members

Ian is away (how dare he!!?). So I’m in the editor’s chair for this issue, which is very comfortable since Ian has already put most of the information together. Anne has done a great report of the ride on the 21st July, with pictures – look out for her stunning view of the river. Who said B&H Clarion doesn’t do hills?

We still don’t have leaders for rides on 18 August or 8 September. They are now looming very close. So if you’ve been meaning to do one, now’s the time to commit.

Anyone in range of London, or inspired to go there on 3 August (as a warm up for Ian’s Chiddingly ride on the 4th) may be interested in the following message from Jane about the Prudential Ride London FreeCycle

There are lots of events, but most enjoyable is the Freecycle event on 3rd August, as central London roads will be closed to cars and will become a ‘cycle only’ route taking in some of London’s key landmarks. It’s free to register and join in!

One last thing. Ian announced recently that these “Clarion Latest” circulars would in future only be sent to paid up members of Clarion. This is the first issue which is being circulated to this smaller mailing list. If you have any contacts who were on the longer list, you can of course still forward it to them if you wish.




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