The Next Ride: Sunday 4 August – Chiddingly, only 16/17 miles

I’m not an enthusiast for ‘off-road’ cycling, but I know other people are and I do try to include the odd stretch of ‘track’ where appropriate. We’ve done this ride a couple of times but not recently. Once, one February – the stretch of Vert Woods track was very muddy in places – though we got through without serious casualties (I remember trying to cheer us all up by saying ‘Coming out with the Clarion is not a ride; it’s an adventure!’

Well, unless we have torrential downpours in the next couple of weeks we should be OK this time – if you can’t avoid mud in early August when can you?

Starting at Berwick station we head across to Mark Cross and Laughton – cross the main road – and make towards Shortgate but then take the track through the woods (Vert Wood etc) to Whitesmith and from there make our way to Chiddingly – for lunch at – or near – the Six Bells. This is a pub popular with bikers which often has a jazz trio on Sunday lunctimes. There’s plenty of room outside, so I’m not going to try to book us in. Anyone who prefers it can bring a picnic and consume it nearby.

We return via Golden Cross and the Chalveston. In the past we sometimes looped down to the tearoom at Selmeston which, sadly, has been closed now for some time. So it will be back to Berwick and a possible tea stop at the Berwick Inn.

It’s not pancake flat – but not very hilly either.

Catch 10.20 from Brighton Station or meet at Berwick Station at 10.43. [Unfortunately there’s only one train an hour so there’s no point in me suggesting catching a different one]
Trains back go at 48 minutes past the hour.
My mobile number is 07770743287. It will be switched on – once I’ve got to the station!



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