Dear fellow members

Thanks to those who responded so quickly to my “final call” for 18th August. John had already said he’d take on the ride that day – though I only heard this from Roger after I’d put out the message. Anne and Mick are now going to look after 8 September and with Roger’s (classical) ride on 22 September that takes us up to 6 October. Amanda also volunteered and is thinking about what might be offered later on – possibly a London-based ride. So we’re now looking for rides for October and onwards. All offers gratefully received!

Next Saturday 10 August. 12 noon.
Summer Social

Angela writes “We are going to meet at the cafe on the beach at Goring. It would be lovely to see you all.”

Spotted this in the CTC’s “Cycle Clips” – for those who like more of a challenge

Brighton Breezy, Brighton and Hove CTC’s first randonée, will take place on Sunday 8 September 2013. There will be a choice of 70km and a hillier 100km route, both taking in some of the spectacular Sussex scenery and passing through the historic town of Lewes. Tea and refreshments are provided in the pretty village.

See you on Saturday, I hope


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