Angela Looks Forward to Spring

10 September 2013

Back in August, I mooted the idea about a long weekend away cycling along the Camel Trail in Cornwall.  Having looked into it in more detail it looks a bit too costly.

Another option for a weekend away in late Spring is to plan something a little nearer to home. I have done a little research into cycling in Kent, using Canterbury as our base where there is a Youth Hostel.

There are a number of rides which look very beautiful and not too difficult;  I wonder if you could give some thought to the following plan.

1.  To go early in June so that those Clarion members involved in the Brighton Festival in May could have the choice to join in.

2.  To stay either at the Canterbury Youth Hostel where prices range from between £18 – £24 per night or at a B&B – prices in Canterbury range from £135 – £165 for 3 nights for 1 person, or £207 – £244 for 3 nights for two people.

A choice of two of the following three rides.


NR1 The Crab and Winkle Way which is a 7.5 mile ride from Canterbury to Whitstable.  The ride could be extended from Whitstable to Herne Bay for another 5 miles.  We could either return by bike making a round trip of 25 miles or return to Canterbury by train from Herne Bay.  The train journey takes 58 mins and costs £8.90 or £5.75 with a Senior Rail Card.

The website giving details of this ride is:

Click on ‘cycle rides’ and then go to the ride ‘Herne Bay to Canterbury via Whitstable’. We, of course, would be starting the ride in Canterbury and not Herne Bay.


RCR 16 Canterbury Circular via Bishopsbourne. This ride is 18 miles and winds its way through the lovely Kent countryside.

The website giving details of this ride is:

Click on ‘cycle rides’ and scroll down to the named ride.


The Viking Coastal Trail NCN15: This ride would start from Margate. The train from Canterbury to Margate takes 30 mins and costs £5.10 or £3.35 with a Senior Railcard.  From Margate we would ride 8 miles to Reculver and then another 7 miles to Swalecliffe, making a total of approx 15 miles.  The more hardy riders may choose to cycle back to Canterbury whilst those of us who prefer more gentle rides could once again take the train back to Canterbury. The journey time from Swalecliffe is 50 mins, costing £8.10 or £5.35 with a Senior Railcard.

The website giving details of the ride from Margate to Reculver is:  Click on ‘National Cycle Route’, then on ‘browse routes’, and finally on ‘The North Thanet Cycle Route’.

The website giving details of the route from Reculver to Swalecliffe is ‘The Oyster Bay Trail’ at and put in a search for ‘The Oyster Bay Trail’.

Finally, the return fare from Brighton to Canterbury if booked well in advance is £23.20 or £15.30 with a Senior Railcard.

Anyway, folks, sorry for the length of this but I thought you might appreciate a bit of ‘skin on the bone’ for the proposal. Let me know what you think and hope to see you all soon. Jim has kindly said that he would do the recce with me if it was decided that we wanted to go to Kent.



The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 140. An invitation from Stockton Clarion and a report from Manchester

10 September 2013

From Swiftsure’s “Cycling Notes” Clarion, 7 March 1896

The Secretary of the Stockton Clarion C.C  J.Baker, 6,Garbutt Street, informs me that a meeting of his club will be held in the Labour Club, Norton Road, on March 17th at 7 30 p.m., to which all local Clarion cyclists are cordially invited.


Last Saturday evening saw the Manchester and District Clarion C.C engaged in their first dance, Dear Swiftsure – which was held in the Tuer Street Schools, Oxford Road. All present voted it a big success, though for my part I prefer to reduce my avoir dupoids by cycling. As one of the M.Cs I found it much harder work than walltzing round on a bicycke.

The openning run of the club will take place tomorrow (Saturday) to Fred Vickers’ Coffee Tavern, Sale, where a social will afterwards be held. Members and friends are particularly requested to join in the run or afterwards at the social.

Next time: The Easter Meet – suggestions from Manchester – and a rare error by Swiftsure