Dear fellow members

I have to confess that I was just a tad disappointed on returning from holiday (great time, thank you!) that Roger – who had nobly coped with this newsletter and the associated arrangements during my absence – had not been inundated with offers to lead the remainng rides of  2013 (and perhaps some in 2014)  Sadly, not even one!.

We have had some first time ride organisers this year – which is great – but we are in growing need for more – or for people other than Jim and Roger who currently take on way more than their fair share – to become fairly regular (but not every month!) ride leaders.  What we must avoid is a situation where some of us (me probably) get too old and infirm to do rides and others run out of ideas or get fed up  with doing so much and the Club starts to fade away.  Something like that probably happened to our predecesor Brighton section back in the 1950s.If you want some ideas have a trawl through the newsletters for previous years on the blog.  If you need help let me (or Jim, who always volunteers for this) know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to assist.

Fortunately I can  act as a back stop for the next ride  and I’ve also put myself down for the “traditional” final ride of the year on 15 December.  But I can’t do either of the remaining rides for the year – so we really do need a couple of volunteers – at least.

If you’re not a CTC member you won’t have seen this interesting item:

How are the drivers in your area? If you suspect they’re worse – or better – than average, new CTC research might confirm or otherwise your suspicions. A map of Great Britain reveals where the motorists with most penalty points on their licences live. From Castlemilk, Glasgow with 19.4% caught driving illegally to Freshwater on the Isle of Wight with only 3.3%, the statistics may be explained by different levels of roads policing. Over 9,000 people have signed CTC’s Road Justice petition calling for greater resources for traffic enforcement – if you haven’t, add your voice now.


Not of course that there aren’t some dangerous, inconsiderate and even lunatic cyclists about too.  But this I think  takes the proverbial biscuit for insane cycling behaviour (From the same CTC source)  Makes the blood run cold!

What on Earth was this rider thinking as she had the narrowest of near-misses at a level crossing in Cambridgeshire? After ignoring the warning lights and the barrier, she just managed to screech to a halt inches from a train travelling at 70mph. Whatever urgent appointment she had was obviously forgotten as she then mopped her brow – and rode off in the opposite direction



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