The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 146. (Just for a change) Cycling on footpaths in France and “Mrs Swiftsure’s views on ‘novice scorchers’”

We will return to the 2nd Easter Meet at Bakewell in 1896 after Christmas.  This time, for a change. here’s a couple of items not about the Clarion cycling clubs from Swiftsure’s “Cycling Notes”  The first is from the 4 April and the second from 18 April 1896.

 The Government  of France has just issued an edict that whenever the main roads are in a state of repair, or where the wretched pavé covers the road cyclists may use the footpaths at a pace and in such a manner as not to be a danger to pedestrians.

I doubt whether such a concession would ever be granted in England…”

 *          *           *

My wife, who is never happy unless she has a spin every day, remarked to me a short time since that there is little pleasure nowadays in riding anywhere near the city, on account of the numerous cyclists who have only just learnt to ride.

What with the mad novice scorcher, who whisks past so close as to ring her bell (more or less), and the other novice upon whom you have to keep a wary eye to guard against a sudden lurch in your direction, there is certainly some truth in her complaint. 

Next time: “A Cycle Song” 



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