The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 154. More reports from cycling clubs

154. More reports from cycling clubs (from Clarion 26 May 1896)

We have enrolled twelve members up to the present, and hope to increase. Our season was opened with a run to Ayton against a gale of wind. The village was fairly saturated with Socialistic literature and quiet conversations were the rule.  The villages of Staxton, Granton, Burniston, Flixton, and Fokton have been well peppered with leaflets and at the two latter we sold a few “Looking Backwards” and “Jesus the Socialist” Our run for May 16th is York, where we shall stay till Sunday evening and meet the Hull and Halifax CCCs, so I hope the Ebor bravest will turn out in great numbers to welcome us. Clarionettes always welcome to our runs.


Commenced season 1896 with a short run on March 22; commenced by making four new members. April 12   run to Stoneyhurst; showery morning, but we dodged the storm of the day at noon by turning in for dinner close to the College. After refreshing the inner man we exhausted all our hymns, solos &c getting a special compliment (also cigars) from the landlord and landlady. We have 20 members at present, and are making new ones every run, so let Manchester and others look out.  We were represented at Bakewell by two of our comrades: Easter is a bad time for us here. We are looking forward to the meet at Hardcastle Crags, June 7 as being our special day, as we expect to be a strong club by that date.



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