Dear All

I began the last newsletter “We’re still open for offers to lead rides from 29 June onwards.  Anyone interested?” Apparently not.  Well, not so far.  At that stage I anticipated that I’d be able to act as back-stop for 29 June.  But I now find  that  I’m going to be in the Netherlands that day; bit far to come back to lead a ride. So I must renew the appeal for volunteers.

I’m aiming to have the next newsletter out – assuming that there is  a “next ride” to advertise – on Wednesday 18 June complete, I hope, with reports from the Kent Weekend.

Message from Caroline – small tandem for sale

I have a Dawes Duet tandem for sale.. It is a 16 inch front and 13 inch rear kiddyback mountain bike so good for child up to about 5ft 3 inches. I am asking £495.00 but open to offers. It is in good condition with rack and skirt guard.

Anyone interested please get in touch with Caroline at who will send you a photo and any further details  you might need.

Accommodation in the Dieppe area

I’ve also recently had this message from Anne-Marie Bur. Sounds like it might suit anyone looking for a temporary base in the Normandy countryside.

Over the last few years a number of cyclists have stayed in our house in Offranville, 7km from Dieppe, and have suggested that it might appeal to other cyclists. Offranville is on a spur of the Avenue Verte, which goes all the way to Forges-les-Eaux. You can cycle all the way to the beach at Pourville on cycle paths. Our family has had this house since the seventies – it is not modernised but has all the basic facilities and a great fireplace. We charge just enough to pay the bills – £300 a week any time of year ( we don’t charge more in summer than winter). It’s not a commercial initiative but we do like to have people staying there – no point in having a house that’s not used and we do need to pay the annual costs and repairs so we charge enough to cover those costs.


PS We have a very basic website:

Finally, some items you may have missed from the CTC’s “Cycle Clips” including one of local interest.

How do you combine the Great British Bake Off with cycling? In preparation for this year’s  Brighton Breezy Randonée on 7 September, Brighton and Hove CTC are holding a cake-making social event after their ride on Sunday 16 June. Riders have a chance to sample all the entries, decide the bake-off winner and choose the star cake for the ride’s refreshment stop. Mary Berry need not worry.

*     *    *

Showing why  Space for Cycling is so important are York rider CarefulCyclist and his YouTube videos. The first showed errant cyclists, the second discourteous drivers. Now, he has captured pedestrians stepping off pavements without looking and walking down cycle lanes in a third heart-stopping filmTraffic Droid goes one step further by castigating bad road users on the streets of London. [He was also the subject of a Channel 4 documentary The Complainers.]


*     *    *

It will be eight years before safer lorries will be seen on the roads, despite support from several countries, including the UK and Germany. Sadly, France and Sweden called for the delay to protect lorry manufacturers Renault and Volvo. Although his support was ultimately unsuccessful, we would like to thank the 700 CTC members who wrote to the Transport Secretary urging him to oppose the measure.



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