Dear All

Amanda to the Rescue!

I can’t complain about the response to my “Final Appeal” for someone to take on the next ride.  Problem was that most of those who sent messages were in a similar postion as me = otherwise engaged on  the 29th.  But the problem was solved by Amanda who replied immediately but at that stage didn’t have a definite ride in mind.  Since then Roger has “bagged” the 13 July and Jim is looking at a ride that might involve our London Clarion friends for 27July.  Offers for  August, September etc now very welcome

Message from Fred

I’m selling my top-end Freego folding e-bike (not the one that had mechanical problems on the Hassocks ride!), with the souped up 36V 16Ah battery which offers a theoretical range of 65 miles. Hardly used, £699 ono, cost over a grand new, two years old. Recently had the electronics serviced at Saddlesoar in Shoreham. Telephone 01273 697962 or email me. Photo and full spec on request.


With the Kent Weekend report – which I am going to try to edit down to a length suitable to offer  for the next Boots and Spurs , I think that’s enough for this time



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