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The next newsletter after Jim’s ride on 27th will be just a little later than usual. I am going to be away that weekend and returning from Strasbourg late on the Wednesday evening. If possible I will send it out then or failing that early on Thursday. I did consider getting someone else – Roger probably – to handle it but decided in the end that it would be simpler to stick to our usual practice even if that meant that it would be a couple of days later than usual. Hope that’s OK with everyone.

At this moment we haven’t any rides scheduled for August or September – so if you fancy leading a summer ride now’s your chance! Let me know before 25 July if you want to take on 10 August.

Local Transport Plan. Do we have views?

Mick has sent me the following. I just haven’t had time to look at it properly so I’m passing the details he sent me on.

Local Transport Plan 4 Consultation

Briefing for the thematic partners of The Connected


The vision of the travel section of our community strategy states:

‘We want to continue to develop an integrated and accessible transport system that is well-maintained and enables people to travel around and access services as safely and freely as possible, while minimising damage to the environment and contributing to making our city a safer, cleaner, quieter, healthier and more attractive place.’

(Brighton & Hove – The Connected City)

The preparation of a new LTP enables us plan ahead and identify transport measures and initiatives that will contribute towards ensuring that the city of Brighton & Hove remains a place that can continue to grow its economy and to meet the many different expectations that people and communities have of it. The city has to prepare an LTP. It is a statutory requirement of the 2000 and 2008 Transport Acts.
The LTP will set out the objectives, strategies and measures proposed to maintain and improve travel within and around Brighton & Hove for the next 15 years. By developing the LTP we will:

* Review & confirm transport goals for the city
* Outline the problems or challenges that the city faces
* Consider the best way to resolve these challenges
* Propose potential options and decide priorities
* deliver the agreed strategy

Giving us your views

We welcome hearing from you and invite you to give us comments about travel in the city under the following broad transport headings.

* Your overall transport experiences
* What works well (or not)?
* What we could do more of?

This can be fed directly into the Brighton & Hove Consultation portal at:

which is open to receive your comments, closing at end of September 2014

If you have further questions please do contact us at:

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A Message from David

Inspired by watching Le Tour de Yorkshire and some delusional aspirations to try to get fitter, I have committed myself to enter the Challenge Cancer Cycle London to Brighton Moonride on 20 September that I saw advertised in the latest issue of the CTC cycle magazine.

I recently mentioned my foolhardy action on the B&H Clarion Google Group website and received some favourable responses It seems that I have gone too far to pull out now. I have just started the recommended training plan to build up to a 100km in one session.

This is my website that i have just set up:

I’m sure that I will at least be able to find a few family members and close friends to help me out.

That should be a report worth reading in late September!



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