Dear All

It was a relief to get two offers for 10 August.  But it was disappointing that both were from the “usual suspects.”  We have had several people who haven’t done it before taking on rides during the last year or so – which is great – but we could do with a few more.  It’s not that difficult.

It’s difficult to come up with an entirely original route – but by all means try.  But why not consider any ride you’ve been on that you’ve particularly enjoyed?  If you can remember who led it you   can always ask her or him for the details – or you can have a scroll through the ride reports on the blog/website.

Actually leading the ride isn’t difficult.  If there are more than about six people it’s best to get someone always be the last rider – or lanterne rouge as Suzanne has it in the report below.  That way you know everyone has caught up without having to count – not always easy when people are moving about.  Stop at every junction where someone off the back might go the wrong way. [As an added precaution, tell everyone to stop if they can’t see the person behind them – Jim]. Remember to check the trains (if using) looking out especially for bus replacements which are no use for us with bikes! That’s about all there is to it.  For more advice see Roger’s excellent guide which I’m attaching with this newsletter

I await the flood of offers for the remaining August and September dates (and perhaps later ones) that may follow.  My fingers are crossed!

A Message from Jim:  Next Year’s Summer Weekend Ride

I know it might seem a bit early to start thinking about this, but it is always good to plan ahead before the weather turns.

Has anyone had any thoughts about a suitable route?

I have my own favourite: ever since Joyce’s wonderful Bath-Bristol ride I’ve wanted to explore more of the Kennet-Avon Canal route – which is part of NCN4. Probably the section from Reading to Pewsey would suffice for us over a weekend, with an overnight stay somewhere in the middle, and also possibly at either end (or staying in the same place and getting trains each day – there are stations at each end and at other places on the route).

I’d be prepared to survey this during August or September, but first I’d like to hear about any other ideas people may have had.

Let Jim know what you think about this at

Sorry this newsletter is a bit later than usual.   I did explain in the last edition.



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