The Last Ride – Suzanne’s Report

Sunday  27 July 2014: Redhill to (by common consent) Gatwick

The group at Spynes Mere

 At Spynes Mere Nature Reserve. L-R: Joyce, Suzanne, Anne, Jim, David, Julian, Sean, Rob, Roger, Prudence, Martin

JIM was
In change of the the
Motley group.


Jim (and half of Julian) at the Moors Nature Reserve

JOYCE struggled personfully to ensure that five bikes would fit into a space for three on the up line
On the return journey she decided that Godstone was the station for her.
Yes, the rest of us were very sorry to lose her from the last leg but she had
Certainly enlivened the lunch-time conversation, as
Ever. (Thanks, Joyce!)


Joyce (left) and others at the Moors Nature Reserve

Adventures and
Vicissitudes started
In Redhill Station where he involunarily played at going up and
Down the lifts and stairs. (Yes, he caught up with us in the end)

SEAN missed the group at the station having
Exited by the wrong gate.
And, as is his wont, he too was able to catch up with us
Near Cormonger’s Lane. (Cormongers, so it seems, sold offal).

Really seemed to enjoy her first outing with Clarion
Undaunted by the ten other
Dotty Clarionettes she met up with and who
Endlessly chattered about this, that and the other.
Notwithstanding her claim to go no further than Waitrose by bike, she proved to be a great new
Clarionette and we hope she will
Enjoy many more rides with the group. (Welcome, Prudence)


Prudence (far left)

JULIAN’s wheels have
Undergone a transformation. The sleek
Lines of his smart new bike were
Impeccable, the hydraulic brakes
A marvel and
Nevermore will his chain jam as disastrously as on the last ride. (And thanks for all the Bird Info.)


Roger, Suzanne and a donkey all admired Julian’s new bike. Sean, however, appears to be mooning at it.

ANNE, as always, was
Never at a loss to share a kindly word or a sweet, but
No group leader is going to get away with refusing her an
Extended afternoon tea stop (Thank goodness that café was open in Horley).

ROB who could easily have sped off at twice the speed of most of the group
Obligingly rode as “lanterne rouge” to ensure that no one was left behind as we went through
Blechingley and Blindley Heath (Riding a superbly elegant Moulton small wheeled bike)


In Tilburstow Hill car park. Eight Clarionettes, only 2 bikes! L-R Roger, Jim, Julian, Martin, David, Rob, Sean, Joyce

MARTIN (London Clarion) joined the group at Redhill
After having already cycled 25 miles from Tonbridge! Another strong
Rider happy to take a “back seat” and chat about travels and cycling with
Those who could keep up with his expertise.
In Croydon Barn Lane we waited for Jim to return from escorting Joyce to Godstone and then
Next it was time for Martin to wend his 25 miles back to Tonbridge (Let’s hope we meet again soon)

Opted for returning via
Gatwick station rather than Horley to avoid having to change. After the Riverside Garden Park,
Emerging from the lift into the bustling departure terminal of the airport was confusing but Network
Rail have provided not only a new platform, but a new lift, so by 6pm, everyone had got their train.

Riverside Garden Park, Gatwick

Riverside Garden park

SUZANNE was daunted by the thought of all those
Undulations (due and undue) but in the end she had
Zip enough (it was not she who accused our great leader of being an “Undulation denier”)
And so managed to keep up. She loved the
New and very pretty route that had been planned for us and
Never once regretted setting off,
Even though getting out of bed had been hard

Hats off
And congratulations to our
No nonsense and



Egyptian Goose

An Egyptian Goose at the nature reserve

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