The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s


163 Report from Bolton CCC   27 June 1896

The fact that I am the third secretary of the Bolton Clarion Cycling Club since the commencement of the present season is probably the reason that no report of our doings has hitherto been sent. Comrade Brears has gone to Glasgow, and Comrade Kay, secretary number two, has been obliged to give up his post through the exigencies of business. Progress up to now has been cheering, new members joining weekly, and none falling away, our numbers now being between 50 and 60, including several ladies.

We have had many enjoyable runs, invariably characterised by good fellowship and perfect harmony among those taking part in them, and leaving in our minds what in years to come will be very pleasant memories. About ten of us visited Bakewell and were delighted with the outing. “Yours truly,” however, only managed to reach there with one wheel, having been scattered on the “scratter” near Longstone Edge, and thereby earning the unique distinction of reaching Bakewell if not on, with a uni-cycle Since Easter we have had runs to Leyland, Longton, Bollington, Alderley Edge, Littleborough, Whalley, Sale &c. We generally make a day of our Sunday runs, spending the middle of the day in walks through woods and fields, or sitting on some hilltop, as we did last Sunday at Alderley Edge, making the welkin ring with Labour songs. We hold a picnic and social at Entwistle on July 18th, and also a similar event on August 29th at Rivington, to which all who care to come will be welcome.

We have also decided to have impromptu runs on Wednesday evenings, starting at Nelson Square at 6-45 prompt.  Not much propaganda work has been done up to now, but during the remainder of the season an earnest effort will be made in this direction.  Socialists willing to send material suitable for distribution may be sure of our doing the best we can to sow the seed. Parcels may be addressed: Secretary, Clarion Cycling Club, I.L.P Rooms, Prince Street, Bolton



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