The Next Ride: Sunday  7 September  – Brighton to Seaford and/or Berwick (Sussex!)

Meet at Palace Pier at 10am & cycle east to Seaford Head along the NCN2 with some modifications & some chance to escape back by train, should weather, health or inclination incline.

Mick & I modified the NCN2 East ride to Berwick the other week, so that we rode from Seaford to South Hill Barn. I think this would be a nice alternative to going to Berwick, as trains from Seaford are half hourly & 3 or 4 carriages, whereas Berwick uses Ashford’s hourly packed 2 carriages. We can still picnic if the weather is good & nice walks on Seaford Head Nature Reserve. Have checked the trains and they are the same times 27 & 57 minutes past the hour. Would add that it will just be me leading as Mick has a new whizzy bike & is doing a CTC Bright ‘n’ Breezy 100km ride that day with Bob Harber. Hope they wear Clarion gear & that some mechanically able join me, as I am feeble.

We could modify the route depending on who turns up, but yesterday we took the more undulating top route rather than the Undercliff to Rottingdean & the Hoddern Farm road to Newhaven, rather than the exciting [!] clifftop footpath! If weather is still warm, we propose picnic & swim at Seaford, but, if slow or nasty weather can eat at The Ark at Newhaven.

We can stop for tea at the Litlington Tea Garden & proceed to Berwick Station for the train back to Brighton, or return by train from Seaford for a shorter ride.

Trains leave Berwick station hourly at 48 mins past 3, 4, 5, etc & Seaford station half-hourly at 27 & 57 past 2, 3, 4, etc.

Lunch bring picnic or  if nasty weather can eat at The Ark, Newhaven.

Terrain Almost all on quiet roads with considerate drivers [yesterday anyway!] Somewhat undulating in parts, but only short parts. Good views.

Distance: 23 miles.

Anne and Mick


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