Dear All

Well, thanks to Joyce for her prompt response to my plea for “help!” with regard to that Boots and Spurs report.  We’ll all look out for it in the next issue.

The next ride on 30 November is the one I’ve been leading as “the last ride of the year” since 2004.  Since I can’t make our actual  last ride date on 14 December – the day after the “Social” – it’s not supposed to be the final one this year.

But, assuming I can get out from under this wretched cold which has reduced me to a feeble shadow for the last week and  a half, and assuming the weather forecast the day before is not so awful I have to cancel (always check your emails after 5 on the Saturday before a ride) it will be the last one after all – unless someone volunteers to take on 14 December.  Any offers?  Or perhaps we should just finish a bit earlier this year?

The Christmas Social 

Will take place, let me remind you on  13th December  at 12.30 at Stanmer House.  I trust everyone has paid their deposit and let Angela know about their menu choices?


In the last issue I asked for  those intending to come to the AGM – particularly office-holders –  to get in touch with me not later than the beginning of December to let me have  any dates in the first half of January let’s say up to 16 January that they can’t  make. It might also be as useful if people let me know of any days of the week that are impossible for them.  I realise these things change as time goes on and that inevitably, whenever I call the meeting there will be someone who can’t make it.  But I want to pick the best date possible.  So far, I’ve heard only from Julian.  I’ll be fixing the date for the AGM in the next newsletter – so please don’t delay

Tessa’s Open House 

As usual as Christmas approaches  Tessa will be holding an “open house” with her own work and a wide variety of that of other artists.  Always worth a look. More info on the Open House here. And more on Tessa’s ceramics here.



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