Dear All

So, thanks to John, there will be another ride this year on 14 December (details below)

The 2015 AGM

This is to give the formal notice required by our constitution that the 2015 AGM with be at 8pm on Thursday 8 January at 104 Bonchurch Road.

In choosing the date I went for the first date in the New Year following the traditional end of the Christmas festivities that the people who responded to my plea for dates to avoid could make.

As you’ll recall from earlier editions of this newsletter, the reason for calling this meeting so early is so we can decide how much we will need to pay for the 2015 subscription.  It was agreed at the national conference last Easter to increase the national subs by £2. We could keep our own subscription down to £8 rather than £9 (compared with £7 in 2014) by suspending our £1 local subscription for the year. Personally, I don’t feel very bothered about which amount we go for, but to make sure that we get a definite decision I will be moving the suspension of the local sub for one year.  Those who disagree will then be able to state their case, move any necessary amendments and the decision will be made by the usual democratic vote.

Apart from that the AGM will consider the usual items – reports from officers, elections, proposals for activities in 2015 – and I will be sending out an agenda about a week prior to the meeting. Please let me have any items you want discussed ASAP.


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