The Next Ride: Sunday 25 January 2015  – The Waterlink Way: Norwood Junction to Greenwich (and beyond)

This will be our first full joint ride with the London Clarion section. It is a truncated version of my Croydon-Greenwich ride of 1 July 2012, with the first 8 miles of boring suburban streets reduced to 1. It will still include all the wonderful parks, including the semi-wild South Norwood Country Park, Cator Park, Ladywell Fields, and the “linear park” running along the valleys of the Pool and Ravensbourne rivers.

After the last ride, Angelika took us on a bonus impromptu ride through Docklands, and we hope to have a similar treat this time at the hands of the London section, making the ride truly a joint effort.


Start at Norwood Junction Station at 11:30. Take the 10:00 Victoria train or the 10:14 Bedford train from Brighton, or the 9:48 from Shoreham (9:55 from Hove), and change at East Croydon.

Return trains … errr … depend on where we end up! But of course it is London and there are lots of stations, and even more trains.

Lunch will be at the Blythe Hill Tavern in Catford.

Distance: The Norwood-Greenwich leg is about 10 miles, which at our normal average cat-herding speed will take about 3 hours including lunch.

Terrain: Most of the ride is on good-quality NCN cycle paths, some on roads. No hills!



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