Dear All

I’ve heard about one or two possibilities for rides a little later in the year.  But so far no one has “bagged” 19 April which should be the next ride after Chris’s on 5th.  As I said in the message I sent out last week I shall be away until just before the next newsletter is due out, starting on Monday 30 March, so it would be useful to have a definite offer – though not necessarily the ride details –  before then.  Bear in mind that rail routes eastward (Hastings and Seaford) are not available that day.

Mention of Chris reminds me that you might find his Travel Log site of interest. Have a look at it at

Annual Conference at the Llangollen Easter Meet
I have received agenda details from Ian Clarke. I will be forwarding it to your shortly   As far as I can see – after admittedly a very quick look at the motions – I don’t think there is anything we would regard as controversial or that necessitates us to have a meeting to mandate our delegates.  But if anyone disagrees I will, of course, convene one.  Otherwise I suggest we just ask our delegates to listen carefully to the arguments, confer together, and vote accordingly  Let me know if you disagree – especially if you are going to the Meet.

Julian tells me that some people who seemed to have dropped out of our club have rejoined since the last newsletter.  But there are still 8 members from last year who haven’t. Seems rather a lot – but I’m not going to start nagging people. No doubt the obvious thing to do is accept that they are not coming back – nobody has to and we won’t get upset about it ,  and – as the saying is – “move on”. But in spite of what I said last time I thought I’d just have one final go at a reminder.  Those who paid in December and January, please forgive me!

The subscription fee is £8. Send your cheque to Julian Arkell,Treasurer, 17 Normandy House, 18 The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JB

Alternatively you can pay by BACS but if you do it is vital lhat you let Julian know that you have done so.  Email Julian at to confirm.

Any problems, phone Julian on: 01273 911342.

It’s never too late to change
Unless you already receive the CTC’s “Cycle Clips” you won’t have seen this

Is age just a number? Many octogenarians are as fit and active today as when they were younger and some are less so. But it’s still possible to reinvent yourself, no matter how old you are. Which is why CTC says that it’s time two 80-year-olds should now be reviewed: the driving test and the 30 mph speed limit, both of which were devised in less frantic times.



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