The Next Ride: Sunday 28th June 2015 Brighton to Newhaven by coastal route.

Return inland via Piddinghoe.

This route to Newhaven literally hugs the coast. We do not set foot on the A259.

Cycle path to the Marina where we join the Undercliff to Saltdean. A short steep climb to a rejoin the clifftop. A stretch of cycle path alongside the A259 before we head closer to the coast taking the concrete and slightly off-road paths beside the bungalows of Peacehaven before we dip down to another stretch of Undercliff.

Short coffee /admiring the view break on Peacehaven Undercliff (weather permitting). Please bring your own flask/snacks.

A stiffish but short climb up to rejoin the track that meanders its way through the bungalows and concrete roads of Peacehaven to the Headland. Here we join the Sustrans route N2 into Newhaven. Off-road with large but manageable puddles if it has been raining, we turn right to swoop down through the suburbs of Newhaven to our lunch stop the Hope Inn.

After lunch we return to Brighton inland via Piddinghoe and the suburbs of Peacehaven, regaining the Undercliff path at Saltdean.

Those daunted by the steep (but short) climb out of Piddinghoe onto the downs above Peacehaven can always take the train back to Brighton from Newhaven.

Meet at Palace Pier at 10.30am

Tessa & Sue (Sikka)

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