The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s: 183. 95 reports from cycling clubs

The report from 1896 I last included was so long I split it over two newsletter issues. In those early days there would be perhaps half a dozen or so reports each week. In my intro last time I said “As the number of clubs multiplied with them all wanting to see their reports in the paper they became much shorter – by 1914 almost like telegrams!” I thought that this week I’d give you an illustration of this which shows how the CCC took off in the two decades before the First World War.  In the issue of 3 July 1914 there were 95 reports from cycling clubs – as well as quite a few others from other sorts of Clarion activities.  That’s worth repeating – ninety five  – I counted them!   And we can be sure that not every club managed to get a report in every week.  I’ve picked a small sequence with a bit of (fairly) local interest.  There was, sadly, no Brighton report that week. But you’ll see that Arundel – fancy that, a Clarion cycling club in Arundel and by the sound of it quite a militant one – was planning to meet the Brighton club the following week. Brighton would have been included in the Southern Counties Union.  Clearly it is the same propaganda meeting at Bognor in both reports.



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