Dear All

Ian is in Paris helping Chris Froome celebrate his second Tour de France win, so it falls to me to send out the latest “Clarion Latest”. Drunk with the power this bestows, I’ve decided to present Jim with a gold star for leading the ride last Sunday from Cooden Beach and writing a report (see below). Everyone else stayed at home to watch the rain fall!



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Don Lock

The murder of Don Lock in an apparent “road rage” incident has shocked everyone. Bob, who knew him well, has a provided the appreciation below:

Long-time Worthing Excelsior Cycling Club member Don Lock was murdered on Thursday 16 July. He died on his way home after supporting the Club evening Time Trial at Washington. Don had been a member of the Club for around half a century. Adrian Palmer, club secretary, described his death as an “irreplaceable loss”: “Don was a kind, gentle and fair man and a good friend. He was a key member of Worthing Excelsior Cycling Club, in fact he was the backbone of the club for many, many years. He was well-respected throughout the cycling fraternity and had served the club well in many different roles. Don was an enthusiastic member and, although he no longer raced, would always support the club in its many ventures and would offer support, guidance and encouragement to all.”

Bob knew Don through supporting roles at races, mid-week rides with 40+ (Forty Plus) CC and other cafe meetings. It was always a pleasure to exchange chat and learn from his experiences of a lifetimes competitive and recreational cycling. At a Brighton Excelsior race HQ less than two days after the tragic event there was an air of shock and a period of silence was held in Don’s memory. Whilst the race was being held, Bob was interviewed by Radio Sussex and gave tribute to Don’s high standing amongst the cycling community.


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