Dear All

As so often, Jim to the rescue.  Not only with a ride for 20 September but with another one in October. So now we are looking for –  especially –  an offer for 4 October.

Message from Tessa

I will be exhibiting at the Brighton Art Fair for the first time on the weekend of 25-27th September. I will be showing my range of ceramic wallpieces, with a small selection of vessels.

Also showing at the Art Fair will be my fellow May Festival Open House exhibitors, Sam Lock with paintings, and Christina Fedyk with monoprints.

I am looking forward to introducing my work to a new public at the Art Fair, and to welcoming you to the show.

That’s it from me for the moment.  Over to Roger!


Thanks Ian.  I hope you and Sue are enjoying France.

I’ve no particular news but since I feel the need to put something in this nice space you’ve left for me, here’s a thought.

Why do we shout “Oil!” to warn fellow riders of approaching vehicles?  Isn’t it a bit pretentious, almost a sort of exclusive private language which hardly fits with Clarion’s open and welcoming self image?

Well I did think that for a while, until I realised that there’s a much better explanation.  Just try this experiment:  shout “car!” or “motor vehicle!” as loud as you can.  Now shout “oil” as loud as you can.  You must admit it’s much easier,quicker and more attention grabbing.  Which is not really surprising because it’s very similary to shouting “Oi!” rather than “Erm, excuse me”.

So don’t worry about sounding pretentious, just let rip with a full throated “Oil!”:  it’s by far the best tool for the job.



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