Dear All

When I returned from holiday I found that there’d been no “next ride” volunteers and decided that now I am able to “back stop” again I’d offer one for 4 October.  Since then I have had an offer from Sikka but since I had already worked out my details and written them up – and it is, as you will see, a bit of a special occasion – I decided to go ahead and ask her to consider taking on one of the remaining November rides instead if possible.

Tessa has sent me a reminder:

I will be exhibiting at the Brighton Art Fair for the first time on the weekend of 25-27th September. I will be showing my range of ceramic wallpieces, with a small selection of vessels on Stand 87.   Also showing at the Art Fair will be my fellow May Festival Open House exhibitors, Sam Lock with paintings, and Christina Fedyk with monoprints.

Do take a look of you can – but see also my notes on “The Next Ride”

I was also intending to offer our usual short “end of the year” Berwick circular ride on 13 December but on checking the rail times discovered that there seems to be no trains – as distinct from replacement buses – beyond Lewes in that direction either on that date or for the previous two “Clarion Sundays” in November.  So I’ll have to save it till early in the New Year.

Good to hear that Lucas and Leon finally managed to climb Ditchling Beacon – and in less than ten minutes!  I don’t think I could manage that these days.

Re “Cycling in the 1890s”  Does the Vegetarian Cycling Club still exist?  Anyone know?

Finally, a rather bizarre item from the CTC’s “Cycle Clips”

A US cyclist has found that future road conditions might be even more challenging for cyclists after the introduction of driverless cars. The rider in Austin, Texas had a two-minute stand-off with a self-driving vehicle at a junction after he decided to perform a track-stand before proceeding. Google claims that the vehicles will be able to interpret cyclists’ hand signals….

Fortunately, not many of us  use a fixed wheel!



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