Dear All

We  still have just two slots left – 15 November and 13 December – to fill in order to complete our 2015 programme.  Please let me know soon if you want to take either on especially 15 November.

I have had one offer, though not one with a definite date.  Dave Churchill emailed me  with the following message after the last newsletter.

I hope to be at the East Grinstead ride. It is an area where I have been active over the years, not only giving climbing instruction at Stone Farm Rocks, using the cycle circuit at Deers Leap Cycle centre but earlier this year assisting with a Rough Stuff Ride in the Weir Wood area.

Just recently I decided when planning a ride and report for The RSF that a video of points of interest and direction changes could be useful for people to download onto a smartphone to use as a guide in following a route, so I made a 13 minute video which I put onto YouTube at

It is a South Downs Area Ride north of Brighton and Hove and uses the N82 route in one area.

A longer version which I put on Facebook shows a person riding a Brompton on the South Downs Way which supports my statement saying that you don’t need a mountain bike to ride on a bridleway!

Should anyone feel like trying this ride I would be happy to lead it


Dave Churchill

I asked whether he had a specific date in mind and he replied

Virtually any weekend would be ok.  I can do a weekday if required for some but it would have to fit in with my work.

So I suggest having a look at the video and if you would like to take up Dave’s offer let him know at; and depending on the response we can take it from there.

Christmas Social
If you intend coming to the Xmas lunch which will be at Café Rouge – the one at Brighton Marina – please make sure to send Angela your cheque for the £5 deposit before the end of this month. By the time you get the next newsletter it will be too late.

To remind you, it’s on Wednesday 16th December at 12.30 for 1pm.


With regard to choosing what you would like to eat, Café Rouge have asked that this be done at least one week before 16th December and this can be done online through their website. Please make sure that when making the booking, you make it clear that you are with the ‘Clarion Cycling Group’ as this is the name under which the booking has been made.

On the website go to “Menus” then “Festive Menus” and choose from the “Christmas Party” menu. Any queries to Angela on  01273 304739.

2016 Comes in Sight!
Time to start thinking about the New Year, the AGM …and Subs.  Here’s what I’ve thought of so far.

This year we switched to 2nd January which worked out very well. Unless the weather forecast suggests otherwise I propose we stick to this for 2016  which since the 2nd is a Saturday is likely to be better for those still struggling with the toad of work than was the case this year.

One of the changes we made this year was to extend the period in which the AGM can be held, Our constitution now states “The AGM shall be held each year between 1 January and 31 March.”  One advantage of this will be that we should be able to time it so that we have Easter Meet details including some national conference motions and amendments to discuss. Although, equally it is important that we don’t miss the deadline for sending in any we wish to propose.

Julian will no doubt wish to start collecting the membership fees for 2016 in the not too distant future. We also agreed back in January to make things easier for our Treasurer/Membership Secretary by determining our local – sectional – fee a year in advance.  This means that there will be no increase for 2016 and we will need to decide – at the next AGM – whether or not to reinstate (or increase) our sub for 2017.

The Autumn Meet
When I saw Jim’s google group message mentioning the Autumn Meet I was  concerned that in my usual geriatric way I might have failed to pass on some vital info to you.  But I see now that there was a full page ad about it in the Summer Boots and Spurs which we all received – but I, for one, had forgotten about.



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