Dear All

So, thanks to Anne and Mick we have a ride for 15  November – and Leon and Joyce were looking at one too – perhaps now in the New Year?

If you feel you’d like to lead a ride in 2016 – and we can certainly do with a few new volunteers to give a bit of relief to the “usual suspects” – but are short of ideas, there are several detailed sets of ride directions on Jim’s web page at

You’ll recall that a few issues back I mentioned my frustration of being unable to put myself down for the traditional final ride of the year – the Berwick, Golden Cross, ride featuring lunch at the Yew Tree which has been a feature since 2004. In the very early days we used The Lamb at Ripe as the lunch stop.  But I think a Twineham/Wineham circular based on Hassocks and with lunch at the Royal Oak and a possible tea stop at Washbrooks Farm will do almost as well.

Forwarded by Leon

Dieppe Raid 2016

Next year’s event is on the weekend of 26th June. I am still awaiting information from a ferrygroup regarding the group travel. When I spoke to them this morning, they said that they hope to have the information around mid-December. Once I have this information I will publish the entry form and advise about the ferry bookings. Look out for updates on

Please feel free to pass these details on to anyone who you believe may be interested. The more, the merrier. If you would like to help us spread the word then I would be happy to send you some cards to hand out to other cyclists. Just let me know how many cards you would like me to send and the address they should be sent to.

If you use Facebook then why not consider joining the Dieppe Raid group? You can then optionally receive notifications of any information that may be of interest. Use this link to access the Facebook page

If you came along with us this year then I would be pleased to have any photos you may like me to upload on our website. Drop me an email and I can send you a link to my Dropbox account.

Best wishes

Caroline Street

Also from Leon

Somehow I missed this when going through my emails last month. It was sent to the googlegroup but I think we should give it an airing in this newsletter too.


In search of tranquillity.

Sunday morning shining bright –
two cyclists prepare the silent flight –
The route is planned and food is stashed and to the bikes our load is lashed –
The road is dry and sky is sunny –
we check our pockets for teatime money –
Down to the seafront in haste we travel –
only to meet hoards of motorbike rebels –
Hundreds and thousands block our track –
but we are not for turning back –
On we push and off we get –
till noise and fumes do make us fret –
Then out from the squeeze we ease to find –  the tranquility we seek is within our mind.
Original, by Leon.

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